I recently found out that my floppy drive isn't working. I was in the process of putting XP on my computer, when I realized it no longer works, and I need to run a boot disk to get anywhere because I've formatted the hard drive.

When I turn on the my computer, the green light on the a: drive is on all the time, when there is a disk in it and when there isn't. The screen says floppy drive failed. There must be power (the light is on) but I can't figure out the problem

I've tried replacing the floppy drive (didn't work). I have also taken the cables off and put them back on. It seems there is only 1 way they fit, so it seems that they are on the right way, and I'm stuck for ideas of what to do next.

Any suggestions?

Carter68, carter68...Here is what I think - since you said you've changed data cable, checked power (in a way) and even changed your "stiffy" drive (I take it you mean the small plastic kind "1.44 MB" not the big floppy one"512 KB"). My think that you should the the following: 1. Make sure that your cable's little red strip is on the same side as your power cable's red wire.
2. Make sure that you jumper settings are correnct (Look at your Mother bords manual) and finaly 3. Check your BIOS settings... :evil:

If neither one of the three does not work then take your computer to a professional technitian :(

- The floppy driver cable might be reversed at the other end.

- The disk you are trying to read has not been made bootable (most likely).

- The floppy drive controller may have failed.

- The drive has jumpers set wrong on it.

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