i have a hp pavilion dv2000 that won't boot up,when i plug in the adapter it shows that it actually is getting current because the led which indicates that the adapter is plugged in lights up but when i press the power button it does not come on,i tried removing the battery and powering it up,tried re-inserting the memory modules,tried brand new memory module, i even tried to reset the mobo by removing the Optical drive,hard-drive,memory and battery but still i get the same result can anyone assist me please thank you[/I][/B][/B]:@ :@

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This is normally not a good sign at all as it mostly means that you motherboard is faulty, so the best thing to do is take it to a repair shop and let them have a look, maybe a reflow of the system board will get tit going again(i dont think it will) but its worth a shot!


View your mobo's broken connections & discoloration..Clean the mobo's circuit board... Reconnect any onboard connections & jumpers..I used to do this to avoid expend money..

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