I have a dvd-rw and a cd-rw.
they worked fine for over a year, then one day they both stopped reading cds.I would have to reboot the system to read a cd. so I got new drives but both new drives are doing the same thing also. I am running win 2000.
I can't figure this out checked for viruses and other stuff.

reinstall or update your drivers. usually microsoft will have automatic updates for it but if they dont then goto the website of the company that makes your drivers and download them there.

I tried to get drivers from lite on and benq but they don't have them.
cdrw is a benq 2410 firm a23
dvdrw is a lite on sohw-1633s firm 8soh.
I also removed them and reinstalled them both.
I tried to update the drivers with microsoft update.
it says cdrom.inf is the suitable driver any ideas?

ok I tried a new ide cable still the same thing.
than I put the jumpers on cable select, now it is missing dvdrw.
took jumpers off both drives,still no dvdrw.
unplugged cdrw and the dvdrw is there.
and it plays all cds now, so what am I doing wrong here?
I had the dvdrw on the last spot on the ide cable with slave jumper in.
the cdrw was on the first ide connector with the master jumper in.
thats how it was for months since I installed the dvdrw and everything was fine.then the problem started. so I got a new dvdrw and cdrw still the same thing.what is the problem??? getting aggrivated with it and ready to run it over with my truck. :lol:

I'm having the same problem you are currently. There might be a few differences though. See when I turn the computer on after about 20 minutes of cooling time the computer detects them, but after windows opens the mouse freezes up (on Windows XP even) about 2 times, and the computer no longer detects them. No cd drive for eXistenZ :confused: Did you find a way to fix it yet, or did you end up running over it with your truck? lol. I'm running on Windows XP SP2 : Motherboard ASrock K7VT4A+ : No drivers available as long as the computer does not detect them. The Lite-on is updated recently, but worked for approximately 1 month. Help.

-eXistenZ- Real is synthetic, and synthetic is real.

Nope still the same thing, for now I am just using the dvdrw.
One of the guys from are IT dept. came over and looked at and he couldn't figure it out either. Still waiting for someone to figure it out. I am not having any problems with mouse like you though. I am running win2000 sp4.

Hey dvr, I just wanted to let you know that I solved my problem. Simple repair for me, I'm not sure it'll work the same for you, but lets give er' a try.
-Before you begin suspend the IDE cable from the motherboard that connects the CD Roms' (obviously)

1. Open Control Panel
2. Open System
3. Click the Hardware tab
4. Open Device Manager
5. Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers
6. Uninstall all controllers in there, and reset the computer.
(Primary IDE, Secondary IDE, and VIA Bus Master)

If there still not working then I'll keep my eyes peeled to see what I can do to help you out further.