Lately my computer has been acting up by rebooting randomly, not running any of my games for a long period of time, giving me the "game.exe has caused a problem and needs to close" or in the case of HL2 "The memory could not be read". Blue screens seems to be very random, also somtimes when my computer would sit over night and go into "sleep" mode when I move my mouse to "wake" it was like it was froze, the light on my optical mouse wouldnt even turn on.

I have posted at tech-report and abit forms, so far no luck.

Tech Report Post

Abit Post

I have ran DLGDIAG from western digital to check out my hard drive, no errors there, so I decided to zero out my drive and re-install, during installation I got a blue screen pointing to one of the system files that caused the problem.

I ran memtest86 for:
2 hours - no errors
6 hours - no errors
currently going on 9 hours with no errors

So I think I can rule out my memory, and hard drive. I think that possible my power supply just might not be cutting it anymore. Are these kinds of problems cause by motherboards or processors?

System Specs:
Antec True Power 430w
NF7-S v2.0/AMD Barton 2500+ @ 11x200 - 1.725v
Thermalright SK-7 w-Thermaltake SmartFan
2/256mb Corsair XMS LL PC3200
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
WD 120gm 8mb Cache
Lite-On 16x DVD-ROM
Lite-On 16X DVD Dual Drive
PCI - ATI Tuner Pro
PCI - USB Controller Card
5 80mm Case Fans

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas or what to try next I am more then willing to try them out so I can figure out whats going on with this thing. Thanks in advance!

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try adaware se and spybot search and destroy 1.3.
download avg antivirus and run that.
what OS are you using? make sure its up to date.
I was having the same problems on one of my win 2000 machines,
after running all that and updating to sp4, everything was fine.
also download hijack this and post the log file in the hijackthis forum,
someone will tell you what to remove.CAUTION don't remove stuff yourself
there are important files there. ask someone first.


When I had windows loaded I was running XP SP2, I had both adaware and Spybot search and destroy, I have the new Norton Internet Security 2005, I seriously doubt its a software problem but im not sure thats why im posting. I kept my windows updated and all my drivers updated, I ran adaware and spybot regularly as well as my virus scan.

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