I have just purchased a re-conditioned dell latitude CP and i think its locked up,it was working fine this morning,but when i have just tried putting it on,3 padlocks with numbers at the side on the plastic casing near the green on light are flashing and theres a cliking sound,but absolutley nothing else happening!!!can anyone help with this,and does anyone know IF this is actually whats happened?Thankyou very much Iam just getting into comps,and am trying to network my home comp to my laptop,and after 2 visits to PC world Im stressed to the hilt! :sad:

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If it's connected to the web...disconnect it.

Power down. Unplug the laptop. Remove the battery. Clean the metal contacts on the battery and where it connects to the laptop with a semi-damp cloth or an alcohol wipe/brush.

Place the battery back into the laptop. Plug the laptop back in. Now power up. If there is still a clicking sound coming from it...power down and remove all hardware attached to it such as a floppy drive or CDROM. Then power up again. If still clicking...it may be the hard disk that has a problem.

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