I just got an Elite A780GM-A (V1.1) AM2+ ATX motherboard (holds up to 32gb DDR2) and a quad core AMD Phenom 2.5 ghz (the new revised one) and 4Patriot DDR2 1066 mhz 1gb memory sticks. I installed everything (including all 4 memory sticks) and fired it up and had no problems. I kept trying to install windows from a cd that turned out to be non-bootable. I got a bootable cd and installed windows and everything ended up fine. The problem is that the first time I was trying to install windows before I figured out that it was just the wrong disc, I removed 2 of the memory sticks to see if that would do anything. Obviously it made no difference but when I put them back in NOTHING AT ALL happened (not even a boot screen or bios) Since then it boots up and runs only with 2 1gb memory sticks instead of all 4 like it should. I know the slots aren't damaged because I switched them over and it works and I know the memory sticks are not damaged because I switched them out as well and it still works. It just won't work with all 4 now but before it did the very first time I booted it up. Anyone familiar with this problem?

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did you update the bios? this is very weird as every thing seems to work except all together! best thing to do is to start fresh again,flush the bios(reset) and make sure to update to the latest version. then shutdown the pc and install all of the memory again and c what it does!


try this...

take out cmos batt...

power on for 1-5 seconds...

power off

put back cmos batt...

power on go to bios... choose to load all default settings...

power off pc

put back all your memory stick..

power on...

check if it will help..
you know how to clear cmos through jumper settings in your mobo?
post back...


Thanks guys, I got it. I went to the ECS website and got the latest bios flash and it worked.

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