My computer has been having some issues since I had to reformat and recover my hard drive. I came in contact with a trojan that I couldn't get rid of. Some of the symptoms I am having are unexpected freezing when I open zip files, One of my hard drives is giving a time out error and I cannot access it, it is running really slow, and now when I start up the system, the keyboard will not allow me to type in my password. This has never happened to me before. Maybe someone has some ideas on what is going on or how I can fix it so it will never happen again. My specs are Pentium4 2.4GB, 768MB RAM, ATI radeon 9200 series, 128MB video RAM, 2 CD-ROM drives, and 4 Hard drives. The keyboard is wireless. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks! :eek:

Couple of quick notes...

This is posted in the hardware section and is better off in the windows section,

What OS are you using?

Since you have 4 drives did you format all of them..?

How did you do your reinstall... From Original CD ?

Have you accessed programs on drives that were not formatted

What do you use for virus , adware, spyware and firewall protection?

And No we can't tell you what to do so it never happens again...

In actuality, it turns out it was hardware related. There were two of my hard drives that were the problem. As soon as I removed the two drives and the controller card, I was able to get back into the system. It looks like I have some serious upgrading to do since I built this system on scraps from other computers that I had lying around. Problem solved. Thanks anyway. :lol:

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