My friend has a GeForce 9700GSx2(SLI) in his laptop, he has a problem with his fan, the Card regularly overheats to 90+ Celcius and The fan options are greyed out in bios and according to ATITool (a Graphics card monitoring/overclocking program) the fan is running at 0%
Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Could it be that the fan's connections are at fault--perhaps a loose or disconnected wire is being sensed by the mobo and therefore the fan option is greyed out. Look inside the tower and check all connections. It might also be worth trying the fan in another computer just to see if it isn't faulty.

Look inside the tower and check all connections. .

its a laptop

sorry about that oversight on my part--but , even though it's more difficult in a laptop, the faults could still be the same.

I dont think that the fans are not running at all as this will fry up your laptop. There is a profile or some option in the ATI tool that unlocks the overclocking section. Try using that to increase fan speeds.

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