Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to put together a small NAS RAID, probably just as RAID 1 (maybe RAID 5...but doubtful). What I'd really like is to use hard drives with on-disk encryption, like the ones Seagate Makes. I'm not quite sure though if it's possible to use drives like this in a RAID setup, or if there are housings out there now that have some sort of encryption built in. Something like a Buffalo linkstation would be great, so I can plug it into my network. But obviously it would need to come either with no drives, FDE drives, or have hardware encryption built into it somehow.

Any suggestions? And yes, I know I'm paranoid...but I've had a laptop and two towers stolen in my rather short lifetime. Keeping my personal files encrypted helps ease the pain, but the hassle of having to remember to encrypt them before I leave on vacation is a pain. Would rather spend the coin and get a nice setup.

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