i have this hitachi flora NB1/NB2 laptop that was given to my aunt,its quite old but i was hoping to make it work...at first there was no problem with the monitor when my aunt said she tried it out,but when i get to try it the montior just stayed blank,then rebooted it and the windows showed,i was goin to reinstall it to english because it was in japanese,then while i was doin the reinstall the screen just went frozen,then rebooted it again and the situation keeps gettin worst,words become scrumbled and finally i cant get it to show anything.i thought the HD gave up but i tried it on another laptop and its running,but when i put the HD back the laptop wont boot,i can just hear the fan running and the power leds on...can some one give me an advice on what to do?and i also tried resitting the rams....tnx!!!

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I would recommend reinstalling the OS anyway- Have you got the original Windows CD?

Does the laptop detect the Hard Drive(In POST or in BIOS)?

yes i have the original cd but the screen dont show anything so its not possibl;e for me to reinstall the os...i cant even go to the bios..when i open it just shows blank and the fan running and the leds of the power on....really cleuless on what to do.......

Okay does your laptop have a VGA port?

If it has a VGA port get a VGA cable and connect it to an ordinary monitior or a TV with a VGA port. This should display what ever would be on the laptop screen.

i dont have a vga cable to connect to tv and dont have extra monitor,but i have extra laptop...but dont know if that helpfull......

Do you have a PC then?

i just have this laptop that i am using now and the other laptop that my wife uses......il try to buy a vga cable when i have time to try what u had suggest..if u have anymore suggestions il be happy to hear it..tnx!!!

2 things i would try at this point is booting with out the battery in,and remove and reseat the ram!

i already reseated my ram and the bat of the laptop is not working anymore so its always with the ac power,anyway i already dissasembled the laptop and i will probably try to replace the motherboard and hoping that i can still put it back and dont forget how to..haha!!!tnx for the effort my friend...will update as soon as i got it working......

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