Thats what I feel my puter is screaming at me when I try to update the ram on my Dimention 8200. I bought a gig of ram to give me an extra boost but before it will even get to the BIOS part (XP) A message comes up- ram not supported install pc 800 ecc ram. OK, that is what I thought I bought, but no it's non-ecc. OK. I call my geek buddy he says it doesnt matter, what I bought is the same as what hes got, so we run the aids program and compare. We have the same puter, same mother, same chipset , well you get the picture, so he pulls the ram out of his and comes over. Same message, it won't support the non-ecc ram. Does anyone know what is going on with this Dell. The ram fits the slots good. It will work in an exact duplicate, but not in mine. Any suggestions?? Thanks a bunch, Majik

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Memory type
PC800 (non-ECC)
Memory speed
40 ns or faster
BIOS address
Yes caperjack, that is the exact ram I bought. But when I went to change it, it was ECC from the factory. I am not sure what to do. Is there any settings that may have to be changed?


It says ram not supported then says to install the ram I did install

OK, but computer still works with you old ram in ,correct!!!!!!
and when you take your old ram out and put the new ram in by itself it don't work .correct!!!!!
take the new ram back ,and get some that match the ones you have .
????????/What is the model number on your motherboard ????????///

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