Hi everyone I am new here and I would like to know if you could help me, I have an HP pavilion 526x that keeps giving me a startup error which says "system fan failure shutdown in 5 seconds", I know it is a 3 wire fan which I cannot locate easily. But here is the thing, it seems to run fine, I think the sense is not working, is there a way on the motherboard to jump out the error so I can use the system ?

maybe in the BIOS /SETUP you will find a setting not to monitor system fans

Has anybody worked inside this computer recently?

I once had a client with this problem, they had an HP giving the same error message and it turned out they had the CPU fan plugged into a case fan connection. The fan was still spinning, but the system saw there was no CPU fan.

there appears to be only one fan connection, there is a curved piece of duct work from the cpu heat sink to the back of the computer, the fan snaps into this duct, stupid design I think

Actually it's not a bad thing. This lets the heat go more directly out of the case.

If it's hooked into the right connector than it's probably either a broken fan (still working but either not working properly or not working well enough) or a defective sensor on the motherboard. I'd hope it's the fan since those HP motherboards can be difficult and expensive to find.

Thanks, the bios does not have the option to disable the error, I am going to try a new fan to see what happens