So last night my cpu to my 2005 Dell Dimension fell to the floor. It was sitting on a low ledge which is attached to my desk. The fall was about 4 inches at most. No cords were disconnected or anything. I went to boot up this morning and of course that is when I discovered maybe some damage had been done.

When you press the power button the green light on the front left comes on and six long high pitched beeps occur. The fans turn on and it starts to cycle through like it normally does except there is no connection with the monitor. Nothing comes on the screen at all. The monitor was plugged in at the time and was still plugged in after it fell.

What I've done: unplugged everything and plugged everything in again. Same problem. Any suggestions? When I go to power off, the computer shuts down with the slightest touch of the power button. No need to press down and hold.

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What do the diagnostic lights say?
I'd bet you have a good chance of fixing this by opening the case and re-seating all the components (Especially the video card).

I find that three beeps means either video card (usually not plugged in properly; maybe it's jarred a bit) or RAM.

if the computer fell either of these could be the case, pop it open and make sure everything is secure, or take it out and put it back in.

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