Hi Guys,

I'm new to the site, must say, there's some really helpful stuff on here, I'm sure there's an introductory forum on here and I'll present myself properly but in the mean time I'd like to ask a quick question.

I've got a Dell Opitplex GX620 that is lterally turning itself off. The PC is based in our Security Gatehouse, the users tell me that it just dies. I've not yet witnessed it myself so I don't know if from Windows it's actually 'shutting down' or actually just dying like the powers pulled out. It' starts up fine and seems to remain okfor quite some time.......It seems hardware related to me but I just wonderd if anyone else had experienced this ?

Thanks in advance Lee.

Do you know what chassis type the GX620 is? If it is a mini-tower, it is probably the PSU that has failed.
When the system switches off, does the power led on the front of the case go off as well, or does it change to flashing amber or solid amber? Is the system still under warrnaty? You can check here to see the warranty status and if still under warranty, give Dell a call.