Hi Everyone - I am Semi PC literate but have recently experienced problems with my laptop which have confused the life out of me. My Dell Latitude D531 Laptop allows me to Power on but after running through the Dell welcome screen it goes Blank & does not shift from here.

I have tried Safe Mode Start Up & Last Known Good Confgurations start up however this only lists me a sequence of filepaths & simply freezes the system.

I dont know where to go from here but any help or advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks

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could be a number of things!
Could be bios gone wrong and not being able to see the hard disk at boot. Need to enter bios at start and check boot sequence.
Could be the MBR boot record on the hard disk is corrupt. use recovery disk or run a copy of fdisk /mbr to repair / replace MBR
Could be electronics and a factory reset might help. I do not know that exact machine but many portables have a small hole to isert a paperclip or similar to reset to factory. (having removed the battry and mains first)
Failing all of those it might be a memory problem / mothboard adn those usuually need specialist equipment.


If the machine gets hot it si usually a sign of ventilation problems and that will shut the machine down v quick.

Hey there. Thanks very much for the feedback. I think my next port of call will be a PC repair store as I'm lost!

I really appreciate your help tho.


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