About 4 weeks ago my cd drive started to screw up. Sometimes it didn't scan my TFT, but mostly it did. I didn't think much of it until like 2 weeks later, my CD just plain wasnt scanned at all. I then tried everything i knew: reinstalling my CD Drive manually, using troubleshooter, unplugging the drive then replugging it, etc., but it still won't work. DEvice manager says its fine, but it still won't scan. Probably the only solution left is to buy a new CD Drive but im hoping to see if i can fix it without buying anything. I use a Mitsumi CR-48x GTE by the way.

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Sometimes it didn't scan my TFT, but mostly it did

???? Your CD-ROM drive is scanning your Monitor? Or what do you mean with 'TFT'?

Since CD-ROM drives don't have the brightest future, they are very cheap. Buy a new one I would say.


I meant frozen throne, for wc3, and i want to see if i can fix it without buying a new one

Do other CDs get recognised correctly? If so, then clean the CD in question, or have the scratches removed from it.

Well i only use my warcraft cd for most of the time, but before it stopped scanning completely, it stopped scanning cds containing vid files. So the problem must be the drive, and not the cd. also, when i put a cd in, the light flashes for 2 secs, then it stops.

Please pop a software program CD in the drive and let us know if it is detected. Please try with a data CD and let us know if THAT is detected and read.

If no CDs at all get detected, please tell us which version of Windows you use, so that we can assist you in determining if it is actually the drive at fault. In the vast majority of cases such as yours, the drive itself is usually quite OK.

well nothing got detected, and i use windows xp pro.

Look for software which loads into the system tray are (Such as the 'Disk Detector' for Creative soundcards or other similar software) and disable it from loading at startup.

Uninstall CD burning software

Right-Click 'My Computer' and choose Hardware > devoce Manager. Uninstall the CD/DVD drives from there.

Reboot and allow the drives to be detected and reinstalled. See if the CDs autodetect then.

3 responses: 1: no software of the kind u mentioned above. 2: i didnt install my burner software yet 3: i tried what u told me to do and it didnt work

oh yeah another thing: drive rotates the discs, but doesn't scan

Is there a second computer that you could test it with? If it fails on a second computer, then it's very likely that your CD-ROM is broken.


i dont have a second computer, yet...

it couldnt detect any problems, but the problem is still there. It said "either the device is malfunctionning or windows cannot detect the problem"

Borrow a drive from someone and try it out. If it works then you know that your own drive is stuffed.

well besides that, is there anyway to fix it?

Ultimate solution:

Format, and perform a clean, fresh install. If the drive is physically connected and jumpered correctly, enabled in BIOS, and it still doesn't work, then the drive is no good.

reformat the whole freaking computer?

You've eliminated the sensible alternatives as possibilities. Those are:

*Try the drive in another PC
*Try another drive in your PC.

Uninstall/reinstall of the drive doesn't help. The repair tool reports no error. Not a lot left, is there?

i guess... well thank you for your help

oh yeah i remembered, this happened before with another drive, a samsung dvd drive.

remove cd-rom and set laser properly(take help of service eng)

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