Hi, I have two questions

1) Why did my dvd burner burn two 8x dvds and now does not want to burn the anymore 8x dvds out of the same exact spindle? I use dvd x copy and it reads the dvd then when it goes to burn it, it wont burn it. the first two times I tried it it burned.

2) Nero also will not burn burnt dvds, before I tired it a few times it burned it fine, not when I insert the cd it says "This disc can not be copied". I don't know what is going on here.

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I'm not clear regarding your problem. Are you using a DVD-RW to burn a DVD or a CD, or both? What is the nature of the original data? Are you copying another commercial CD or DVD, backing up data from your HDD, making original music CD's, or putting video onto a DVD from some other video source (camcorder, downloaded video movies, etc.)???

If it will not burn a copy, tell us exactly (word for word) what the error message says.

Also tell give us the make/model of the DVD-RW drive you are using and particulars on the blank disc stock.


ok cds work fine, but dvds dont, I am using dvd x copy which is copying dvds from my dvd rom to my dvd-rw. I have about 300 dvds I want to back up because I already trashed 4 of them from stratches (im not doing anything illegal). now I have been backing upon and off for about 6 months, but this problem as only showed up since I bought my new dvds. let me make this clear everything worked before.
I am using a lite-on 8x dvd-rw. and the first like 4 cds I took out of the spindle worked perfectly fine, now after the cd is done reading, the program starts reading the blank dvd but just wont start burning and the time remianing shoots up to an hour +, the first two took 7 minutes to burn.

now as for the nero problem, this just came up recently too, I already copied many a burnt dvd before and they burned perfectly. now when I instert a dvd, i go to nero express, copy dvd and it reads the dvd and comes up with an error saying "this dvd disc can not be burned". and I am positive I have burnt these dvds before.

once again I am using a lite-on 8x dvd burner which has worked perfectly
and right now i have two new spindles no no-name brand 8x dvds (but they worked fine well at least the first 4 did, so my burner does support them, i just don't know whats going on now)


any ideas? because I find it very odd that the first like 4 worked and now the rest do not


oK i tried using them again and nerither dvd x copy nor nero burns the dvds, they just wont start burning.

the odd thing is like the first 4 did work fine.

I dont know what to do
anyone got help? :cry:


You wouldn't be trying to copy dual layer discs on a single layer burner would you? If you are, then it won't fit! You'll need something like DVD Shrink.

no because I tried burning 300MB of pictures on to a dvd using nero and it also didnt burn.

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