I have recieved all the components to my computer. Is there amything i need to know before i jump into this project.:?:

If you are unsure of anything consult your motherboard, the majority is simple if you know what you're doing. I'm guessing you know a bit?

You have to watch several things. Computers are not as simple as they once were. Make sure your CPU voltages are right, your cards are fully seated, CPU is installed correctly etc... If you're not sure about something, ask specific questions. (General questions are hard to answer.)

'Em, make sure you have a PC Builders Kit, contains various tools, including a static resistance wrist band, keeps from having static transferred to your PSU and maybe mess something up.

I always keep the palm of my left hand resting on the frame of the box so that everything I touch is at the same potential (and I don't walk bare-footed on wool carpet holding my cat just before I decide to play with the innards of my pc). Get a small magnetic philips screwdriver (so the little bastard screws don't get away from you). Blow everything off with one of those cans of air (read the label, it ain't actually air but a hydrocarbon - no smoking, no open flames -- but they do help starting the logs in your fireplace, though a dixie cup of sawdust and candle wax works better and cheaper).

I am rambling again, time to log off and get some food


OK pc's are easier than they once were, you ever heard of an IRQ or AT puckdropper? these days it's all plug and play which is nice.

things to remember, TAKE your TIME make sure you have everything. if unsure DONT do it ask.. remember to take the plastic layer off of your PSU

remember to set hard drive to master and your CD rom To Master on different IDE channels

when you turn it on make sure the CPU fan is running

hope it helps

Don't forget to check to see if your drive jumpers are in the right position, and your chipsets are well seated in their slots.