Ok, I am sure the topic seems strange to you, but it's exactly what it should be. Here is my sitiation. I am currently visiting my girlfriend in Japan for 3 months. While I am here I brought my home PC (desktop) with me to keep me busy. Seeing as I have the orginal 19" monitor from dell, it was way to big to bring over. I figured I would just buy a new monitor while I was here. Then I thought about this:

Can I use my girlfriends Toshiba laptop as a monitor? I am not looking to use any of the other hardware on the laptop (Touchmouse, CD rom, speakers, ect.) I just want to be able to use my desktop and display it on the laptops monitor.

Now I see on the back of the laptop there is onboard video card just like on a desktop (Looks exactly the same as the back of my tower does where I would normally hook up my monitor). Are there any special wires I can use to hook the monitor? Maybe a cable connection with 2 male ends?

I can buy a new monitor, I am just looking for a way to save money while I am here and that would be 1 less thing to buy and ship back.

Thanx in advance for any help you can be.

Sorry, that will not work. The video port on your laptop is output only. It is not going to accept video in through that port.

The only thing you could do is run something like PCAnywhere, or VNC, to export the desktop's image over to the laptop. But, if you're gaming or watching video, that's not going to be a very suitable solution...

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