Everyone knows about them. People call them "Value Hard Drives". If you dont already know what i'm talking about, there the 5400RPM drives. I baught a 60 Gig Western Digital 5400RPM drive and its doing fine. Seems like a good drive to me. I also read that they were just as good as the 7200RPM drives. Feedback... comments... well.. nothings gunna make me return it. I still think its a great discussion and it could end up saving you a good 50 bux. Comments welcome....

Hmmm.... Not really!!! I can't even tell the difference. We need a lot more people to join this fourm... its easier to instant message you on aim :-) lol.

yep, start spamming, come on (better than looking for someone who knows shit bout comps... gl). Some bots and shit.

About the hard drives... a lot of people say if you're into gaming, get a 7200 RPM hd. I think... 5400 RPM is fast enough because i doubt a 5400 RPM and 7200 RPM hd would make a huge difference. Access time, less than 10% difference.

More about the performance, 7200 RPM hard drives have a few megs faster transfer/copy rate compared to 5400 RPM hds. Just raid up a couple of 5400 RPMS, and see you're friends awing at your theoretical 10800 RPM hd, or like raid 4 em and see a 21600 RPM hd (WHOA!!! 1 ms access time.. lol)

:) Not all true. You will see the difference in performance if you went from 5400rpm all your life to 7200rpm. There will be a big difference. Now do your self a test if you want. Be on a 7200rpm for a full week and go back to 5400rpm you will see a big difference in all around speed of your whole system, slowing your OS down will seem like your computer is slow. 5400rpm are dieing out I say get a 7200rpm if it's worth 10 more dollars.

got 2 see if i have any spare 5400's

I went from a 7200 rpm to a 10,000 rpm, being the gamer I am.
When your loading programs or accessing anything from the HHD there is a noticeable difference. Just like there was when I changed from 5400 to 7200, cause there is a difference.

Rthlss, this is an old topic which has dropped down the list because it is now quite dated in the information it provides. Please don't revive suvch old topics unless there is specifically something relevent to add to them.

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