hello everyone!!

about two days ago i was on my laptop and i had gotten into a big argument with my brother so i set my laptop on the sofa and continued the argument a bit physically...now, none of us remember touching the laptop. but one moment i turn to see my laptop fine and the next i see it restarting..

now since i have an HP Pavillion of course it loads up with the hp logo and the options to go into BIOS and stuff down on the bottom...nothing to bad..but then it goes to a blank screen and says " Operating System Not Found" and i think oh shit....

of course i log in online to search for solutions and read somewhere to perform a hard drive disk self test. so i go to do that and nothing is showing up. it gives me an error saying the diagnostics not supported and under test status it saying something about the IDE.

i chatted with an HP Technician and they told me that i needed to get a new hard drive and that i could send them my laptop and and repair it for about 400 dollars plus shipping and handling and the repair....something that i can do on my own. so i purchased a new hard drive and replaced the old one i turn it on and checked the BIOS and i am still getting the same error... can anyone please help me i am desperate at this point and i dont really have the funds to get it fixed by an HP Technician or any technician that is going to charge more than a hundred dollars.

i am really fond of this laptop so i would basically do anything to try to save it.

P.s. another good hint that might help is that when i first boot up my laptop the only option that seems to work is the F10 option which is the bios option and the F9 option which is to boot form a CD and stuff i cant go in to the recovery modes and stuff like before so hopefully that could help

It seems to me that HP Pavilion laptop's are rather badly made. You are not the only person on here that is having serious problems with one.
You say you fitted a new hard drive, but you will need to format it and install a new copy of windows onto it as hard drives do not come with windows on them already.

yea i have read about alot of HP pavillion problems:/ lol but i still like it lol....

ok well i never got the disks for my vista when i bought my laptop but i ordered them yesterday and hopefully ill get them soon and ill do that thanks(: hopefully that will work

but even if it does have the operating system be on the drive wont it still show up in the BIOS? because its not showing up on there and that kinda worries me

Have a good look through your bios and figure out if your hard drive is showing up or not. If it isn't, then you may well need to replace your laptop with one that will keep working.

You could try a few things in the bios before giving up. In your bios, go under the Standard CMOS Settings/Features (usually the topmost left) And with your original hard drive connected, try to go down the list under the time and above the floppy (Primary Master, Primary Slave, ect) and select each one and click auto to try to detect the hard drive.

Get a boot disk and something to read the hard-drive contents. Boot up and read the first 512 bytes, save it, post it.