I got a new P4 2.40a ghz 478 pin chip to upgrade my celeron 2.2 ghz 478 pin chip. According to Gateway new chip should work with my old board but it doesn't. I got the new chip tested to make sure it wasn't doa. Gateway wants me to send them my out of warranty computer to them so they can take a look see. Is there a diffence in the 478? This link is all the info Gateway will give about my board.


I need help bad!!! My wife is going to kill me now. I've wasted money on a chip we can't use.:'(

what is the error

The heatsink and psu fans kick on and nothing else happens. No video, no bios, no harddrives spinning.

The Manufacturing Technology is going from 0.13 micron to 90 nm. Would this keep my computer from working?

probably not but dont count on it. Are you sure you lined up pin 1 correctly and locked the cpu in?

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