ok...so my last mobo & chip & audio card took a dump.... so i bought all new gear.

2.8 intel & mobo, 200gig hd, 1gig memory & audio card is coming.

here is my problems....

1. the new hd is sata...the old one is ata.... and when i try to add the old one to pull the stuff off of it.... my comp no longer sees my burner & wont even see the old hd. can someone please tell me how i can get the stuff off of my old one.... or if there is no shot in getting it.

2. when my burner is recognized... it will only open retail cd's and not play ANY cdr's.

any help is appreciated.

Are the burner and old drive sharing an IDE cable? If so, you must ensure they have the correct jumper and cable configurations. The drive with the master jumper setup sits on the end connector of the cable, while the drive with the slave jumper setup sits on the middle.

Or, preferably, connect them to your motherboard through different IDE channels (a cable each).

well now the old hd is not connected at all. and my burner still wont read cdr's.

What do you mean? Does the configuration I suggested not work? Are you sure you're reading the jumper diagrams the right way?

Also, what brand and model burner do you have? Is it brand new? Does it work in any other PCs?

i have a SATA hd so it doesnt use an ide cable. the old one does but is not currently hooked up. they try to double boot. i fixed the burner problem... i had to update the firmware. hahaha i'm an idiot. but do you or anyone else know how i can get the stuff from my old hd to the new one? will it be recognized with an older like hd? am i SOL?

You need to make sure the SATA drive is booted from first in the motherboard BIOS, if you experience problems with the old drive plugged in and having its installed OS loaded instead.

well i did that. the problem i am running into is the bios doesnt even recognize the old HD. at all. it seems like it wants to double boot.... but wont even see the old one in bios.

ok...well i fixed the problem with the burner..... it seems as though when i updated the firmware it didnt work..i had to do it again.

as for the HD i found out the problem.....i am trying one more thing. cross your fingers everyone.

if this doesnt work..everything is gone.

all my documents
business files, school work, etc

all my pictures
700+ of them

all my audio samples

all of my songs & logic files.

i know i know... always back stuff up....i was in the middle of it...and caput!


slave the old drive,master the burner .
you say caput ,like the drive died when you were backing up ,maybe it dead ,and the bios is not going to see it .

thats exactly what happened a chip fried...but i am hoping if i buy the same HD and just change the circutry...which in theory should work....that the info will still be in tact. it was just the board on the outside that fried...nothing where the actual data was stored.

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