Just Curious (dumb question but I have my Reasons! ) But what happens when you try turn your Macbook pro on without a hardrive installed? What should happen?

Mine makes the apple sound then its just a black screen.

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That's exactly what it's meant to do. Your OS is on the hard drive so it can't boot.


I only turned it on to see if it would actually switch on.
You see, I had a bit of Red Wine Damage *oop* I let it dry out for about a week and it wouldn't switch on.

I needed the hardrive so took the whole thing apart. A week later I put it all together inc Hardrive so I could take it to apple store for diagnostics. It must of dried out properly when I took it apart because Hey Presto! It booted up, but the keyboard didnt work.

To cut a long story short Apple wanted to charge me £600 to fix which is crazy, they basically replace anything that the wine has touched. I got it back and am just waiting for a new topcase and keyboard that I sourced. Hopefully it will work again!


You don't want to be doing it too often or it could mess your bios up.


Cool, sounds like you have everything under control. :)
You can mark this thread solved now.

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