'm looking to build a Pc very soon, and probably will buy the components this second online BUT not sure what CPU to get.

Now I'm going to get an Intel Core i7 CPU.

And I know most people would say dont waste money on anything other then the Coire i7 920

The only thing which I can say is drawing me into the 940 is the price.
Now Ive seen a core i7 940 (OEM - but doesnt really matter) for £299 (YES normally £400), and yet the 920 (D0 Stepping) is £212.Does anyone have any recommendations as which one to buy?

I kno the i7 940 is C0 Stepping and soon to be phased out by the new i7 950 available but the price is really tempting me.

Ive heard the 920(D0) Has better overclockability, then the C0 variants but the 940 already has a higher Clock Speed and yet approx £80 difference.

So which one would u recommend. And whats ur reason?

core i7 920 (D0) - £212 avg
core i7 940 (C0) £299

Thanks for the help

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I would recommend the 940, because it is already faster than the 920 and you can overclock the 940 to even faster. Also, you are getting the 940 for a way cheaper than usual price, and that's hard to come by.

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