hi guys i have an ecs ez tv tuner... picture is coming in great, but the sound it produces is horrible... the card is a pci card...it has an audio out , you have to connect a wire that came with it from the audio out into the mobos audio in....and i have verified that the static noise is being produced when that wire is plugged. i have isolated the wire so it wont go through the power llines but the static is still there:(

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Hi guys

I am having the same problem with my Tv card
the picture is clear but the sound has alot of static.. can anyone please help

a) Make sure you're connecting it to Line-in jack (not mic). Also make sure, if you are using internal connectors, that you're not connecting it to CD Audio in nor aux in.

b) Use retail cables. (not some lose wires)

c) If possible, redirect audio to on-board sound card via software or drivers.

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