does not passing windows logo testing affects the performance of the graphics card?

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I really doubt that it would affect the performance of the graphics card

but my system keeps on shutting down so i figured it must be the video card..

Can you give some more information.

-do you recieve a windows logo testing error
-When does your computer shutdown
-Have you installed the correct drivers

i tried to install the driver but it only says "it did not pass windows logo testing..

and it shuts down when im only playing a game...

Ok so yes that is most likely the cause of your problem because the driver is not being installed. Normally you should be able to click continue and force the installation even if the driver is not officially signed.

yup.. already tried clicking "continue" but still the same problem..

Ok so what graphics card do you have, and is the driver correctly installed. To check open control panel then device manage search for your diplay adapter and see if there is any warning you can double click the device to check the status of it. If there is a problem you should get the latest driver from the manufacturers website and try again also check if the driver is compatible with the OS you are using normaly it should be ok.

Remember some games will crash if you graphics card is not good enought check the graphics requirements of the game compared to your graphics card and pc setup.

All windows logo testing is about is money. Microsoft charge a fair bit for the testing so many companies don't have it done.

My graphics card is a 256mb NVIDIA GeForce fx 5500..

do you think that this has something to do with my OS not passing Microsoft Genuine??

That is illegal. You need to buy a valid license immediately.

Microsoft genuine and logo testing are not the same thing neither is the problem you are having.

Microsoft genuine proves you have a valid copy of windows not a pirated version but it wont make your computer restart during games.

and that graphics card should be fine but it depends the gam you are playing and its requirements also did you do what i recommend above

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