Have an old but great abit nf7-s v2 that was running, surge protected with isobar isotell surge protector with another computer. Lights went out----everything connected to this surge protecter works except for the abit computer. It powers up, but will not post and NO video. I have replace the AGP video card with a known working video card no luck. I have changed the memory--no luck. I have reset the bios No Luck. All the led light up all the fans spin. the cd open and close. Other than no posting and no video the computer appeard completely normal. Is the motherboard shot? Why would this happen only to 1 component on the same surge protector? Any other suggestions on the problem?

I would suspect the CPU before the motherboard. Especially since it powers up. Have you tested it?

I have a spare xp 2500 cpu that I will place in the motherboard tomorrow. Me thinks that it is the motherboard and possibly the trace to the AGP video on the motherboard, although I could see it being the CPU. I hope it is the CPU--alot easier to replace.

Was this computer connected to the internet when the surge hit? (i.e. through a phone line) If so, you should replace the internet card as well.