I have someone who asked me to look at a machine that won't turn on. I opened the case and the motherboard light is on yet nothing happens when the power button is pressed. I mean nothing happens, no fans, no lights, nothing. I have taken the power supply out and put in a know good psu with the same result; nothing happens. I was told that the owner of the machine was gone over the weekend and when they came back they weren't able to turn it on. So I am unable to find out if weather might have been a factor. If anyone has an idea that would be great.

i'd hate to jump to saying that the board's dead...cus i myself i had that problem with a similiar model....but u can try diff ram modules if u didnt already do so...and also swap the processor...

I wouldn't think that would make nothing work, even if the processor was dead you would get something to turn on; fan, light something. The only thing that seems to be lit is the light on the motherboard by the CMOS battery.

thats true....BIOS got corrupted maybe??? thats going out on a limb.....start digging a hole....

If you can find the necessary tools and procedures I've seen it recommended in similar cases that you flash the BIOS and reset the CMOS - probably put in a new CMOS coin battery.

Now flashing the BIOS implies that you have a floppy drive and that it works when the machine is powered on. Sometimes CMOS settings do not start the floppy at power on - so resetting CMOS may come both before and after BIOS flashing. Good luck.

I've recently seen a case where an add on graphics card in the AGP slot was "lost" to the system during an upgrade, when the CMOS was altered. The result was that no video signal could be propagated, and boot could not be completed.

The cure was to remove the add on AGP graphics card and plug the monitor into the default on-board graphics processor. This permitted registration of the upgraded HDD and memory. The AGP graphics will have to be reinstalled.

Just tested the power supply and it is working properly, the motherboard you suppose could be the problem? Light on the motherboard is on when plugged in but nothing else works.