I am on an Acer running XP Pro and keep getting reboots. I can get in safe mode ok.

I have done the following:
I first eliminated any virus or malware possibilities.
I reseated as well as eliminated each mem stick ..same result
sometime, it takes about 5 tries to boot in safe because it stops loading after the mup load
I researched this and it points to devices or drivers or memory
I ran memtest for 2 hours with no errors
I went to msconfig and unchecked all startup listings
Still same result.
If the power supply was bad, wouldn't it lock up after running 2 hrs in safe?

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i think you should go for a SYSTEM RESTORE as this might stop the pc reboot fever


If it works in safe mode it is obviously not an essential hardware error. Maybe a non essential error, such as networking or something, in which case it wouldn't cause a system restart. If something on your motherboard is fried, then your PC would pick it up on POST during startup. Your pc should inform you if a device is not functional.

It can then only be software. It is most likely some kind of virus, whether your anti-virus picks it up or not. Otherwise it could be some essential system files that are corrupt.

The first possible solution is to do a system restore to undo any installations. Otherwise you would need to do a format and reinstall your operating system to eliminate corruption errors. This does occasionally happen with XP, it requires a reload every once in a while.

Be careful though, if it was a virus then it has most likely spread into your data and making a back up will move the virus to your new system. If its just your operating system then you should be able to keep your data with no worries


i didnt get your question. if computer is getting in normal mode its okk naa.

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