This computer is an E Machine 600. Cant get the monitor to work right.It turns on but is full of colors and flashes. I tried another monitor with the same results.Any help would be appreciated.

Pop your case open and reseat your video card. If that has no good results then go for a new video card. If you have another PC than you might switch video cards to confirm that it is bad.

It may help to check that your video cable is fully seated at both ends and has no bent pins.
Try the monitor on another PC to verify it's OK.

There is three steps:

Check cable going to monitor, move it from one side to another, check it for connection.
Check cable going to computer (same procedure)
Try to remove video card and place one more time in the same slot (if you understand this)

If nothing happens, try to connect other monitor.

If situation never changes, take all computer and go to place where you bought it.

Thank you everyone for your help.Put in a new video card and all is well. DaniWeb people are awesome !

Thanks Again