My pc:
Intel core 2duo 8400
Nvidia GeForce 7600 GS (galaxy)
Philips 200cw

I got the video card from a friend after he upgraded his computer. It's not new but he didn't got any problems with it. I've installed it, got the drivers and put the monitor at 1600x1080, the recommended resolution for my computer. After a day or two, i've noticed that on my screen are many white dots, almost invisible from 40 cm, but very ugly if i got closer. It was like a storm of white dots, traveling from left to right. I've tried to make it look better with the phase/clock settings from the monitor, to synchronize it.. but it didn't work. I don't know what to do... Any advice is welcomed.

I must say that i have the latest drivers for the video card, i have installed the monitor and i use windows xp


Do you have any other monitors to test the picture with this graphics card?

Have you tried lowering the resolution?

Was the one you were using before with the same monitor?

It means that either

A) your power supply isnt powerful enough - can lead to strange things - i had an 8800 on a 400w PSU which wasnt enough so some textures went white and there was black artifacts?


B) its overheating. Artifiacts like the dots you describe are common signs of it and may go away once it cools down (or could be permanent!). Overclockers generally crank up the speed a small bit at a time and the check for artifacts, thats how i know about this.

A or B are both equally likely as store-baught PCs generally have poorly designed airflow and weak power supplies.

The graphic card was used until i pluged it in my computer, on a friend's computer, and worked just fine.
If i lower the resolution, it looks better, but the resolution my monitor works best is 1680x1050, and if i go lower then that, the image is quite poor... i mean, the web pages are very hard to read, and so on. The spots are smaller, but they are still there.

Before this graphic card, i used a integrated video card and it looked good. If i unplug the 7600 and connect the old one, it looks good.. so i think the video card has a problem.. It might be the power supply as jbennet sayed. I'll try get one to be sure.

It is true that the video card doesn't have any cooler on it, just a big radiator... but i have the problem since i open the pc, and i checked and the temperature of the Gpu is @ 48o Celsius. i will try with a bigger source, and i will post here after.

Ideally, the power supply should be at *minimum* 350w and provide 20a on the +12v rail. Check the label to see if this is so.

I couldn't manage to find a new source, but i reopened my computer, and i could observe that i have a power supply from DeLuxe (same ase the case) model atx 450w P4 ( ; i guess).
I also removed it and plugged the monitor cord in the integrated video card, and the white dots on my monitor disappeared. After that, i introduced the 7600 in the pci socket and removed all the power supply cables from the cd writer and dvd writer. i opened my pc, and it was still shaky and full of white small dots.
i don't think it's a heat problem, becouse it stays @ 50 degrees Celsius.
On the other hand, i can play all the games that the video card supports, so it works.. i don't know what to belive.

In bios everything looks smooth. When i get in windows.. it's hell loose. :)Thanks for the help.. i hope someone comes with a solution for my problem..

If i lower the resolution, it looks a bit better, but i can still notice the white spots.

Hmm, wierd. Maybe the card is just faulty?
A 7600 can be replaced pretty cheaply (an 8600 is about the same as a 7900 and costs about £30 to £50)

I am student for the moment, and i don't have a source of money except from my parents... :D i will try the card on someone's pc.. and if there works bad, then i will know that it's bad. Thank you for the help.

i have found the problem. it was the cable i used for connection, i used an analog cable; after i changed it with a digital one, all was clearer.