This is my first try at getting help here, so please bear with me.

I have a Sony VAIO, Notebook

Pentium 4
3 megahertz

I just upgraded my RAM memory from 512 K (2 X 256)
Double DIMM sockets to 1 gig (2 X 512) DDR, 2700, 333

I am running Windows XP Professional

The computer runs essentially OK with the new memory and the memory shows up on Task Manager, My Computer, etc. as being installed.

However, I had a couple of crashes with Outlook as I was terminating Outlook. So...I thought I'd test my new memory. I got on line and found MEMtest 86. I downloaded an ISO copy, burned a bootable CD and started the test. It runs without errors but part way through the test sequence the computer just powers down. I tried it a few times and it always powered down.

So...I found and downloaded the Windows Memory Test, made a bootable CD and ran the test. The first 5 tests ran and completed successfully with no errors, but part way into the sixth test the computer once again powered down.

Now I am concerned. Do I have a hardware problem? Do both sets of software contain a sequence that triggers the shutdown? I have never had an unwanted shutdown in the three years I have been using this computer.

I don't know how to proceed. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


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hi,both test programs should run for days , try taking out one of the 2 new sticks and run the program,if it doesn't shutdown ,then try the other ,one of them may be bad


Now I am worried. I had the computer powered off overnight. This morning the first thing I did was to boot up and run the Windows memory test. It ran all six passes without a hitch. Then I realized I had not yet turned on the AC power to the charger. Thinking this could be voltage related, I turned on the AC to the charger while the test was running. I left it run until the battery light stopped flashing (fuly charged) and the memory test was still running without any errors. At that point I ended the test.

Interestingly, Windows XP then came up with the Irregular Start dialog window. I tried power off / power on and it came up again. I had to press "Enter" in order to "Start Windows Normally".

I am in over my head!

Any ideas?



I tried power off / power on and it came up again. I had to press "Enter" in order to "Start Windows Normally".

ok,shut it down normally now and reboot and see what happens

Hello back,

I turned the notebook off - everything was normal no surprises. Ditto for the power on reboot.


Hello back,

I turned the notebook off - everything was normal no surprises. Ditto for the power on reboot.


ok, so keep using it and see if you start having the same problems you were having with outlook ,

Here I am again.

Good news / bad news. I am able to create the Outlook problem at will.
I recently purchased and installed an HP, J6480, All-in-One Printer, Fax, Scanner, copier, et al. I have had a number of "unusual" symptoms with this device. I have uninstalled the software, reinstalled it, tried the "Corporate" version of their software, etc. The inital problem I had was a tremnedous slowing down of my boot process. Although, even with the HP software completely removed, the boot was slow. I have also upgraded to the new 8.0 version of AVG. I tried uninstalling it and still a slow boot. That is what led me to adding memory. Involking Task Manager Resources showed me often to have only 60K of Available.

So...I purchased and installed the new memory. I have AVG 8.0 and the fullsuite of HP, J6480 software installed. My boot up is now liveable although still somewhat long and the computer runs OK. But now I have this crash message when I terminate Outlook.

I found I can start and terminate Outlook with no crash error message if I don't print. If I print, even so much as a one line email and then terminate it crashes when closing down.

I just tried printing on my HP 970 connected to a USB port and it does not cause the Outlook error message. Then I tried the J6480 and it caused the error. The J6480 is attached via an Ethernet cable to my Linksys WRT54G broadband router. The Linksys provides my local wireless network.

So, is it the HP software? Or is the software using some of my new memory that is at fault?

I am thinking (as musch as I hate to do it as the memory modules are very hard to remove and install) it makes sense to simply swap the memory modules. The symptoms should change if the memory is at fault?



wow sorry over my head


I swapped the two DIMM memory modules and the problem stayed the same. In my mind that pretty much eliminates the memeory as the culprit. I spent time on the telephone with HP Chat support to no avail. I am convinced my Outlook problem is due to the HP software. I am now going to buy a USB printer cable, take the printer off my network and connect it directly to my computer to see if that fixes it.

solid plan!

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