I have been a PC user for years but just got a laptop. So forgive a dumb question. I couldn't find a general intro to this. I would appreciate being steered in the right direction.

I have a HP Pavilion a2103 desktop with WinXpPro 1.67 GHz and 992 MB Ram. I have Verizon Dsl with a Westell 327W router.

How do I link up the laptop (has internal wireless capability) to the desktop that is on DSL?

Is their hardware in between?
Do I have to make configuration changes?
Does Verizon do it for me?

thanks, Frank

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Is the laptop connected to the wireless and you can get on the internet working? You just want to be able to see the PC now? on the pc goto start -> control panel -> network connections -> small home office setup and follow the wizard. After that is done on the laptop goto windows explorer and in the address bar put \\ip address of desktop then you should see the shared folders on your desktop

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