Hey party ppl
Ive got £100 and im going to buy a graphics card.....i need to buy one NOW as ive just got a new computer and need one to run it......i was thinking along the lines of a PNY Verto 64mb GeForce 4 TI4200 X8 AGP......i cant aford a Radeon 9500 or 9600 so plz dont say get one.......a final question is how much differance is a PNY Verto 64mb GeForce 4 TI4200 X8 AGP to a Inno 3d Geforce 3 TI200 64mb as thats the old 3d card had and i want an improvemt.......the last thing i want is to buy a new 3d card and it not to be any faster........

i would like a £100 card that could :-
* Play GTA 3 and Vice City very very smooth
* Play Unreal 2 and UT 2003 with high fps
* Hopfully hold Half-Life 2 and other future games until X Mas as thats when i get my Radeon 9800 Pro!!!

PC Spec = Athlon XP 2000+, 512 DDR ram, Audigy 2 and XP

I think the reason you've had no replies yet to a fairly easy question is that nobody wants to ruin your enthusiasm with a negative reply.

Fact is that 64MB. graphics RAM doesn't cut it for the games mentioned. If the card could share RAM with your PC (and for that to be worthwhile you'd need to add at least 256MB main RAM), then possibilities emerge. But low end cards don't do that as far as I know. This is something you could research further.

Whatever you do, with a low end card, you'd need to configure your DirectX settings down to level 60 or 70 if you're lucky. That will lose you image quality but gain fps.

By all means get your card, learn hoiw to squeeze the most out of it and you'll be well set up for next Cjrimbo when you get the real thing.

Make sure the real thing has at least 512MB RAM and bear in mind that your Athlon CPU isn't a modern Half Life-2 pumped up processor. You'd want to run as much of the graphics functionality in the card as memory supports with the trade off for good video quality.

I hope others come in with advice too.

Maybe you should try to find GeForce 6200 AGP 128-bit, and tweak it with Riva Tuner.