i have an ibm thinkpad T30 i got from my step dad and it hasnt ever been upgraded or anything. it has a pentium 4 moble cpu 1.60GHz and windows xp and 256 mb of ram and a 20 gig hard drive, i dont know much about computers and i just know i need a new video card thats compatable with direct x 9.0 and has 2d/3d capibilities, so any help on being able to upgrade it wold be appreciated, and maybe a quote on how much it would cost?? thanks

Buying a new video card for a laptop is next to impossible, since it is built into the motherboard in the laptop. The only options are to increase the RAM or replace the hard drive (perhaps even the CPU, but I don't think so).

grrr i got this laptop for games but i cant play any new games because my video card isnt compatable with direct x 7 or higher....ok thanks anyways though