I hooked up the data cable correctly, and I did a auto detect and cant detect the second hard drive. I am running WIN XP powered it up but no detection, what am I doing wrong. :rolleyes:

Did you ensure that the drive configuraion jumper was correctly set? If it is a 'Slave' drive it should be attached to the middle connector of the drive data cable, and the jumper set to 'Slave'. If it's a 'Master' drive, the jumper should be set accordingly, and the drive connected to the cable's end connector.

If that jumper is set to 'Cable Select', then I'd suggest you change it to reflect its configuration, because, in my experience at least, 'Cable Select' causes more problems than it overcomes!

When you say "no detection", what exactly do you mean? If the drive hasn't been formatted yet, you won't be able to "see" it in My Computer or Explorer.

Control Panel -> Performance & Maintenance -> Administrative Tasks

Run the 'Computer management' module and select 'Disk management'.

If the drive shows up there, but with only unpartitioned space or an unformatted partition, right click on the drive and partition and/or format it as necessary.

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