Hello, everyone.

Recently i am facing a serious problem about hard disk. I Have two seagate SATA hard disk. it's my fault cause i didn't regularly backup to the second(120GB-made in china) hard disk. Recently
this happened when i tried to pull out the first(80 GB) hard disk from the casing for cleaning purpose i suddenly wipe out two capacitor and one register. The first hard(80 GB-made in singapore) disk in which i am regularly work is not detected in bios and when bios try to detect the hard disk it stuck there. i am 100% sure about that the plate is ok but the circuit board is become faulty. Any ways i searched all over in the local market for a duplicate circuit board of seagate 80GB SATA (made in singapor,7200.9 rpm, firmware 3.18) But not find the matched hard disk circuit board . Now i am stuck cause all of my various data is in that hard disk which i didn't backup to my second hard disk.

So, now i am not sure is this logical that i want to open up both hard disk and alter the plate with the good one and try to boot the hard disk. Is this safe to open the plate in open-air? Is this can be a solutions? what can i do to get my data back? Any suggestion ? please help with your opinion about data recovery

thank you all.

DO NOT OPEN THE HARD DRIVES!! You'll most certainly end up with 2 dead drives. If you do, the dust and moisture will contaminate the disks and they will be as good as dead. So far you have one functional drive and one dead drive with good data. Your only hope to recover the data from dead drive is to pay the professionals that specialize in data recovery.

If you don't mind risking throwing money in the wind, you could try to find some 2nd-hand drive that is identical to your dead drive (same model and revision) and, if not soldered, replace the circuit board, but that is a long shot.