Hello everyone, this is my first time posting and I wish it was for a better thread.

I have an Asus laptop, M6000, with windows XP. Last time it worked I turned it off by hibernating, as I often do. Since then, when I turn it on it starts for about 3 seconds without loading anything, then it shuts down (no lights, nothing) and remains off for about 5 seconds and then it starts again by itself but this time it won´t turn off either load anything. So it reains on, but nothing loads, not even the Asus logo.

I´ve tried removing power, battery, starting-shutting off, discharge capacitors by pressing on without any power, press the reset button. Nothing works.

Please help me!, this happens at the worst time possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!. Thanks a lot.


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Hey Alejanddro.

If your computer never even get to the Logo of its model which is also where you can get to your bios, than you seem to have a hardware problem which is sending your computer into a continuous reboot, If you can get into the bios let me know. Before this happend was there any type of crash or system error of anykind?
Also Have you tried to get it to boot from a disk if that possible?

Let me know?


Thanks TechTJ for your help and interest!.

It doesn´t get to the Logo, not even when it starts by itself and doesn´t turn off. Although there has been once, after I left it off, with only the power supply and no battery for about one hour, that it did load the "des-hibernate" process ut it froze at the end. Too bad I didn´t reach the F8 in time.

Before this happend windows updated itself twice, first with no problems, the second it didn´t work because of sth. that I don´t remember. Also Panda did update, no issues there though. Besides there has been several internal errors within the processor (or I understood that), but it never shut down the system and they have been appearing for the last... at least 3 months.

Apart from that, nothing new in the system, neither hardware or software.


Thanks TechTJ for your help and interest!.Besides there has been several internal errors within the processor (or I understood that), but it never shut down the system and they have been appearing for the last... at least 3 months. .

When a normal computer starts up the first thing you see is the companys logo and also your processer infomation and since you said that there have been many internal errors with the processor it would make since that nothing shows up when the computer starts,because the processor is not coming on and then when it dosent communicate with the computer it goes into a continuous reboot trying to get to the processor because without your processor there is no way the computer can process what it needs to began the boot process. Im sorry to say but i belive your processor is shot on your computer and there is really nothing we can do to help you, Processors can be replaced and if you replace the processor you shouldent lose any infomation that may be on the hardrive. I would say you should take it down to a local tecnician (i.e best buy or a computer shop) and have them give you an estament on how much its goin to cost and have them replace it for you if your computer is worth it.
Please let me know if i can be of any futher assistance and let me know what you decide.

Best wishes

P.S I would reccomend that you keep the computer turned off so that there will be no more damage to any other hardware.


I am afraid you are right, and there is little else to do than taking it to the technical service.

Thanks for your help and advice!



Well im glad to help you and we hope you come here if any other problems may arise.

If you get the chance could you let me know what the tech tells you when you take it in? It would help me help other people who may be having problems similar to yours

Thanks and best of luck

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