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I am taking a little survey about the type of dvd media you use. I know that it all depends on what your dvd player will use etc. but I am just curious what you use. Is dvd-r or dvd+r best? Also, what format do you think will win out in the long run or if any will win out at all? What brand do you like best? Thanks for answering.

I dont remember if it was dvd-r or dvd+r, but one of them used to be better for video and the other for data. I dont think it is the case today. I use both kind for any sort of jobs and havent had any problems yet.

I never buy dvd media at big chain stores like Best Buy or Future Shop (in Canada) where they sell brands like Kodak, Maxell, Memorex and Sony. These are way too expensive.

Instead I will find a boutique (small warehouse store) specialised in computers close to home. Prices are usualy cheaper at places like that.

I personally go to DealsDirect ( in Ottawa, Canada. There, I can choose between 3 brands: RiData (the best quality), ProDisc or OEM (no name). 50 disc spindles prices there range from 17$CAN (OEM, 4X) to 38$CAN (RiData, 8X). In my book, it beats the 60$ to 90$ of big stores.