yes i have a desktop pc that has windows xp on the computer and both dvd drives that i have are being picked up by the computer but will not read anything.. at first i thought maybe the dvd drives went bad so i had took my friends computer and hooked the dvd drives to his computer and it reads everything fine...and just to make things even more interesting i have took my friends dvd drives and put them in my computer and it reads everything but my own dvd drives in my own computer will not read anything...i have visited the manufactures website of my drives and attempted to update the drives but they are already updated..i have been told to delete the uppper and lower filters in my registry and that still did not at this point and time i do know that the dvd drives will read disks but not in my own computer,, it is a home built computer i may add with windows xp on it...please i do need help if anyone needs me to add any more information to help me please respond...please and thank you

When you say you attempted to update the drives, did you mean firmware? If not, you should.

Also see if your motherbard BIOS could be updated.

yes i mean the firmware upgrade,,, and how do i go about seeing if the bios can be updated...

Visit your motherboard manufacturer's site and see what updates are there for your model. I bet that there will be quite a few.

If you have some manufacturer's update software, you might be able to update BIOS using that tool.

BTW, Updates to drive's firmware usually changes the DVD drive-->DVD disc correlations. Not Motherboard-->DVD drive.

i will go and check that out thanks for the information so far,, i will keep you posted and let u know whats going on , thanks again for the info so far....