Hi i have a promplem with my pc which shuts down when playing games (cod4). The pc has shut down 3 times in 1 week and i think it could be the psu as all fans are working fine and i have cleaned the out inside the best i can. All need is to comfirm if i need a new psu for computer which is now 3 years old so any help would be great thanks.

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Could be. I would check the temperature of your hardware before spending any money though. I use Asus PC Probe. There's other software out there though to preform the same task.

It also won't be the most accurate reading, but it should give you a general idea of the current temp to ensure that it is not an overheating problem.


Hi thanks for the reply so i went and down loaded speedfan to check my temps and its not goodnews as it says my gpu is 62 degree's and my cpu is also 62 degree's can't understand why as my main fan is just over a year old and is working fine so maybe i should add more fans or is something else thanks.


Ya like Supishio says, those temps are okay. I suppose you could try removing the old thermal paste and putting some new on if you wanted to.

But you could be right about your power supply giving out. Though I don't know of an accurate method of testing your current power supply. Maybe try and order a PSU from somewhere that has a good return policy.

Hope you get it fixed up and back to playing call of duty.



i had the same problem with my pc when playing COD4 or COD5,would be busy playing and then just like that the screen goes dead,the pc still runs but it does nto respond at all and there is nothing on the screen!(the screen cant even get a signal) after a lot of googling and testing and downloading software and drivers,i found that my GPU's are running pretty hot when in windows they run at a about 60-65 deg but when playing games it will shoot up to 80-85deg and then bomb out! so what i did was download Rivatuner and set the fans to about 70%(gpu's fan) now i can play for aslong as i like. this will make the fans work much harder so you need to setup a profile for gaming in riva and then just activate it when playing games!

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