I have a problem with my hotmail account. Whenever I try to write to someone on hotmail, it keeps on saying Done with the black and yellow error mark. When I push send, it seems to send but everything turns into a simple "<html><div style='background-color:'></div></html>" Also, when I push reply, all of the content written by the previous writer is erased and only the header (with the time, date, email address of the sender, etc.) shows up in html coding. do you know why this is happening? how can I fix it?

sounds like you have a hypertext mark up language (html) error. however you've posted this in the wrong place on the forum. try disabling your background colour options. if that wont work then you mght have to reinstall your hotmail software. also speak to msn themselves.

I need help getting into my hotmail. Ièm entering my password and it seems that someone has changed it and now it says to try later but I am trying later and it still doesnèt work. Can someone help me

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