Hi. I'm considering myself VERY lucky because my Sony Vaio was starting to act up (Display driver would quite functioning now and again, and PC would not always boot first time), so we got everything saved to an external disk drive, bought a new PC and I now have that one up and running pretty well. That all happened this past week. So I wanted to keep using my Sony Vaio as my second PC to handle business reports, etc., but not connect to the Internet. Anyway, wouldn't you know that now I cannot even get that old Sony to boot. When I turn on the monitor it shows the "No Input" box, as it should before the CPU is turned on. When I turn on the CPU, the fan starts, the LED flickers for about 2-3 seconds and then that's it. No more flickering LED, nothing on the display (still says No Input) but the fan just keeps running. I can do a cold shutdown (hold in the on/off button until it shuts down) wait a minute or two and try again...but still nothing. This is similar to what was happening the past couple of weeks...but then it would sometimes work. Now...no luck. Is this PC a goner or do you think I can still save it? I have moved it from sitting on a hardwood floor to sitting on a burber carpet. Could that be an issue...maybe it's overheating?

THANKS for any help you can offer.

Kate S. in Wisconsin

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Sony make good TV's and audio equipment, but, sadly, their PC's are rather poor.

It could well cost you a lot of time and even more money to get the thing going again.

All of their hardware is encoded so that you cannot use parts of a different make and Sony charge heavily for them.

The bin is probably the best place for it.

I repair PC's for a living but refuse Sony machines because of the cost involved.

Thanks so much for your very quick reply, Rik. My time and reduced stress far outweighs the price of a different used PC...or a smaller new one. I really appreciate your honesty and for sharing your words of wisdom. You saved me a few additional white hairs. :)


I got plenty of white hairs from PC repairing if you want some more. :)

Replacing it with a second hand PC will work out far far far cheaper than trying to get it going again for sure.

From what I have seen of Sony's, I bet it has overheated and something has gone pop, that's usually what happens with them.

It's a shame you are not in the UK, I have a tidy little PC for sale at the mo for just £30.

Hi Rik. Thanks again. So....how much would it cost to ship your nice little PC to the US. I live in Stoughton, Wisconsin. Zipcode is 53589. Just curious.


No idea. I have never shipped anything over the pond. There is also the problem that this machine is set up for 240volts, not 110 unfortunately.

Oh...that makes sense. Well, thanks again for all your great help, Rik. By the way, if you'd like to see what I do for fun (when I'm not working at my job at an insurance company) please take time to visit my website at www.katestormer.com. If you have a pet you'll enjoy my site.

Take care. It's been my pleasure chatting with you.


It's just a shame I didn't have better news about your Sony.

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