I have been working on getting a RAID 1 working on a Dell desktop computer. I have the IDE card installed and working. I was able to mirror the master drive to the slave while testing if it would work. Everything has worked out just fine, except one big problem.
The manual that came with the board stated you need to change the location in bios or setup to point to the new pci card so the machine knows where to look for the drives. Makes sense. The only problem there is I only have two choices to pick from: The hard drive or the CD rom. It can not be changed to anything else. So when I leave the setup and the computer attempts to boot, I get the press F1 to restart or F2 to enter set up.
Is there any way to get around this problem?

Hey ksadny46,
I am not familiar with the takeown program provided to you but if you gain access to the root directory try this.

1. Right click on I drive and select Properties
2. Click on the Security tab
3. Click Advanced
4. Within the advanced window select your administrator account and choose to apply onto “This folder, subfolders, and files” click ok
5. Then check the box at the bottom of this window “Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here……”

Hope that helps,


Your greeting to: Ksadny46 makes me think you posted to the wrong message. It really did not appear to follow my actual question.



Ooopppss You are correct wrong thread... What is the manufacture and model number of the controller card? I would like to take a look at the manual and try to help you out.


I downloaded the manual and I do not see where it is referencing the motherboard bios. I see where it is talking about the RAID Bios ctrl+F. You have configured your RAID 1? When you hit ctrl+F is your setup array type IDE Is your raid mode displayed.


I removed the cables from the hard drive connected to the Mother board, connect this master drive to the RAID controller, the slave to the other cable from the RAID controller and start the computer. The information you stated appears on screen. I have been able to Ctrl - F and go to the RAID board BIOS and completely set up the RAID 1 array. Set the master to boot. Save all info and reboot. The motherboard setup looks for the master drive and can not find it due to the fact it is no longer connected to that IDE cable. That is when the Press F1 to reboot or F2 to enter set up happens. The motherboard bios can not be changed to point to the RAID board, so the RAID master drive will not start.
It is that dam BIOS Dell put in the machine that you can not change is the problem.