Have a Sony Vaio PCG-FR130 (Model PCG-9H4L on label on bottom of unit) which does nothing at all when the power button is pressed. Have checked the switch on button and seems ok. I have also removed the CMOS battery from the unit and still no change. CMOS battery is 3V. The AC adapter is outputting 19.48V DC. I have tried with no battery and AC and battery only.

The laptop was working fine one day and then the next there was nothing when the power button was pressed.

Any other suggestions where to look or a service manual for this laptop would be appreciated. Thanks

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I am having the same problem but if it is not booting at all then it is normally the memory has come loose. it may have happened if you have knocked the pc. or if youve overclocked it then it may be fried. try taking out the memory cleaning the connection (try to touch it with your hands as little as poss). Also there is some information on other threads that you should try because alot of people are/have been having the same problems and if none of that works then post again.

Well I tried one memory stick and then the other and no difference. I have removed the MB from the laptop as I noticed a noticeable high heat streak on the + lead on the motherboard power plug.

i have a sony vaio PCG-FR130. When i turned it on the other day, I get a message operating system not found. What might be the problem.
I pulled the hard drive out & re installed it, but same message.

Getting the same thing with or with the hard drive means either your hard drive gave out or the operating systme is corrupt or lost. I would install a new hard drive, install your OS (Windows?) using your recovery disks, then install your old drive as a slave/2nd/backup drive to see if you can recover your contents.

I have a Sony Vaio but no problems. Perhaps the DC Power Jack Plug has been "wiggled" and has become disconnected to the Notebook. Since you can buy a Jack Plug, there seems to be a reasonable #### that it could be faulty. This fault is common with Gateway notebooks/laptops.

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