my computer specs are as it is
SOny dvd/cd drive
1 TB Seagate
2 9800 PNY GT cards
nvidia 680i sli lt mobo
q6600 2.4ghz stock settings
truepower quatro 1000 w power supply
1x2gig stick Xm2 Corsair ram (heatsink edition)

my monitor is a samsung 932b

3 days ago while playing a game, i felt something burning but i couldnt trace it
today i went to frys to pick up some 120mm fans and more of the same ram for the NZXT case (sentry 2 i think) and it it all back in
I boot up my computer and hear the hd click, but my display is showing nothing and the power button simutaneously turns off and on

i tried swapping out video cards and checked all links
i tried the video cable on another computer and works
i hooekd my laptop to the monitor and it works
i swapped out the ram cards bit by bit
i stripped everything to 1 stick ram and 1 card and i could not find anything
the motherboard leds light up
i cleaned up the wiring a bit
the HD seems to be active

did i burn out my CPU or PSU?

A burning smell is always serious. Have a thorough inspection of the mobo and look for any bulging or leaking capacitors.

I inspectedsome of the capacitors on the motherboard and some, when lightly touched, can sway to extremes. Some capacitors seem to be already a fixed angle from being perpendicular to the board. Is it my motherboard that is fried? When I turn on the computer the lEDS still pop up and my VGAS are still powered on with my HD

I suspect it is indeed the mobo that has gone.