I have a Conpaq Presario 1650 Notebook. The problem with it is that I turn it on, and starts up, but when it gets to where the desktop should show up, it doesn't...instead these errors pop up:

Windows Networking
Unable to load the dynamic link library:
The system cannot find the file specifies.
Some or all of the following feature is not available:
Microsoft Network

Illegal operations:

Once I click enter to say ok to each of them, this error pops up:

and afterwards, the startup music/sound comes on, and never loads the desktop or anything. All that is on the screen is the pointer.

I would appreciate ANY and ALL help possible. :cool:

the errors that you are getting are about missing windows files, if you had the that the computer came with you could run the system file checker from dos and extract the missing files from the cd back onto the hard drive but without the original it will not work :D

go and buy windows xp, then boot to the cd and choose to delete the current partition then format it, afterwards it will install windows and then you should'nt have anymore problems :p

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