I want to upgrade my old PC by adding more RAM (256 or 521). The problem is that I'm newb at hardware and stuff. I know there are many types of RAMs DDR, DDR2 and what not so which type should I buy?
Also, I currently have single chip with 512MB. If I incert lets say 256 next to it will it work, or does it has to be 512 like the first one?
There is my system report :http://testhst.puslapiai.lt/bu/Report.htm

Have you tried running the Crucial System Scanner?

This should tell what type of ram you have and what you can get.

I would go for another 512MB module. It would be better to get a memory module that has the same clock speed.

You need to make sure the RAM is compatible with your system. I think your system is compatible with DDR400/333/266 RAM.

If your current memory is DDR400 (clock speed 400MHz) then get a memory module that is DDR400. Make sure both modules have the same clock speed.

- Hope this helps.

DDR2 is a best for you. Try to buy this type of ram for your pc. It will increase your PC speed. Thanks for asking.


i read that you incountered problem of upgrading your pc specially your RAM. i suggest that you bring your OLD RAM to a computer shop and ask about what you should need to upgrade it...simplify by asking what type of RAm you need or what RAm is compatible to it.......hehehe sorry for some wrong grammar...

DDR2 is a best for you. Try to buy this type of ram for your pc. It will increase your PC speed. Thanks for asking.

If you don't know what your talking about please don't post.

His computer won't take ddr2, if he had followed your advice he would be wasting money on the wrong part.


In the past I have had problems with identical specification memory sticks manufactured by different firms. Whereas they check out flawlessly (by mem test) individually, when placed in the mobo in adjacent slots they would soon give me a BSOD.
Since memory sticks have gone down considerably in cost over the years, especially in the low GIG range, I would recommend that, rather than buying a second stick of "low" memory to double your capacity, if you can't get EXACTLY the same as what you already have, go for one stick of double or higher memory capacity. If you decide to buy a second comparable stick, make sure that your store will grant you the option to return it or exchange it for a different one of higher capacity should it prove to be problematic..