Ok so what ive done was back up all my files that i want to keep on a second hard drive so i could install another windows. all worked fine, installed windows everything working fine until i go to put the other hard drive in thats got all my stuff on it. when i go to start up i only get the motherboard screen and the computer doesnt boot and wont let me go into setup. if i press delete quick enough after restarting it says loading setup but just stays at that. So when i take the drive it back out usualy it boots ok except it now takes a LOT longer to go from the motherboard screen to win xp loading. If anyone can help me i will call you lots of nice names. Cheers, Paul

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Good day brother and good afternoon.
Brother I m Nazir Ahmed Jaiser from Pakistan hyderabad .
I read u r problem .
Brother this problem occurs due to jumper setting which is situated in Harddisk front pannel.
Brother u take it out from Harddisk and then connect it and then check it from the bios whether it works r not.
Then u first set u r master harddisk to first boot then u save the setting and restart it ok
My yahoo email is nazeer_jasser@yahoo.com
If again it not works then u chat with me inshallah i ll solve it

Do you have ata or sata hard drives?

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